Game-Changing Eyeliner

I’ve definitely made some questionable fashion choices in my lifetime. Some of the stuff that I thought was really cute in high school definitely was not. I think my tastes have refined a little bit since then though…hopefully.

When it comes to makeup, I love to try new things. I like bold colors with eyes and lips. I really enjoy a good winged eyeliner, but that can be as challenging as trying to write with good handwriting on a bumpy road.

I saw this meme once that said, “there are two types of girls:”


Yeah I’m definitely the bottom one. EXCEPT…I found the most amazing liquid eyeliner ever. It’s Clinique’s “Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen.” It costs a little bit more than I would normally pay for eyeliner, but I’m telling you, this stuff will make you look like you have eyeliner skills like the top picture. Plus, it lasts a really long time. I bought mine about 4 months ago, and it’s still going strong after daily use. It lasts all day, and washes off super easily when you need it to be gone.

Here’s how I use it:

1. Start by drawing a thin line angling up at about 45 degrees from your lash line. Make it as long as where you want your wing to end.

2. Make a triangle (ish) by connecting a line to the top of your initial line, angling down to the base of your eyelashes.

3. Fill in the space created by the last line.

4. Starting with the black space you’ve already created, connect a line from that point to the inside of your eye in one, fluid marking.

5. Add mascara.

6. Final product!

I’ve been doing this as my “daily” look lately with no other makeup. Once you get used to it, it takes under a minute from start to finish! Such a great way to simply your morning routine.


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  1. I mam using the Lacome liquid liner, I love it. But I do love Clinique’s products. When I am done I may try it

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    1. I’ve never tried Lancôme but I do love this Clinique one!

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