Positivity Project: Week 3 Follow-Up

What a journey this project has been so far! I’ve really enjoyed seeing many changes taking place in my heart and mind through a focus on simply noticing the good gifts over the challenges in everyday life.

I’ll write more about this going into Week 4, but I think the biggest change I’ve noticed is that I’m learning to pause and just say “wow, what a beautiful season this is,” even in the midst of challenges. I’ve started to really look around at my life, even the small moments, and think, “I’m really going to miss this when it’s gone.”

We watched Incredibles 2 last weekend (which I would highly recommend, by the way, if you were a kid when the first one came out; it’s a little bit scary & mature for little ones in my opinion). The short film at the beginning, while a little strange, made me “ugly cry” in the middle of the theater. It starts off with a mom and her “baby,” and they start off doing everything together while he’s little. You see the mom’s frustrations and frightening moments, but you also see the joys of being together and having a little one who still looks up to her. Then, you see the child approaching the stage of independence, and not wanting to be with his mom at all anymore.

It just made me realize what a joy this season really is. While sometimes it’s so frustrating to be needed 100% of the time with a 2-year-old, I know that someday I’m going to miss even the neediness. Right now, I crave independence and wanting to be left alone, but someday I’ll approach a season of loneliness and crave companionship. We really have to learn to love and cherish the season that we’re in, even when it’s challenging, because it will so soon be gone forever.

My goal for Week 3 was to Be a Light. I had honestly never realized before how uplifting and encouraging it is to bring joy to someone else, to step outside of my own hurried agenda and just show love to another person. It’s amazing how just expressing what you’re already thinking, or being kind and considerate, or complimenting someone can instantly improve a relationship and brighten the other person’s mood. Showing someone that you love them and care for them is a facet of Christlikeness that we need to express more often. Taking the extra step to help or bring joy to others can make a huge difference in their life, and yours.

I am so grateful for this journey that I’ve been on in the month of June, and I look forward to tying everything together during Week 4!


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