On Vacation

Hey all! Posts will be a little bit sparse this week, as I am currently on vacation. However, big plans are being made for when I return!

Current view:

We are currently in Florida with my mother and father-in-law, enjoying their timeshare on Disney property. My husband and his family are HUGE Disney World Fans. Thanks to this timeshare, we’ve been able to come twice a year for the past three years! I’m especially grateful for this little getaway right now, as we have a challenging remainder of 2018 ahead of us.

We moved to Louisville in August 2017 with a certain plan of how things would be…and, long story short, about zero percent of that plan has actually come to fruition. We both strongly feel that the Lord has a purpose for us being there, with reasons beyond what we can understand right now. One of those plans was that my husband was going to sell the lawn care company that he owns in Indianapolis. However, around January, we talked and prayed about it extensively, and he’s going to continue owning and operating it for another year. Which means…he’ll be traveling up to Indianapolis four days a week until November, starting next week. We’re thankful for a week of sunshine and time together before that craziness starts.

What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on?


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