Positivity Project: Week 3

I am currently on Week 3 of a June project to work towards a more positive frame of mind. During Week 1, I focused on overall gratitude, counteracting a negative situation with all the things I am grateful for. During Week 2, instead of just counteracting negative thought, I worked on (and continue to work on) actually altering the negative thoughts into positive ones. For more info on those first few steps, take a scroll back through my last 4 posts! It really has already made a huge difference in my life.

It’s hard to believe we are already in the third week of June; summer seems to fly by so quickly. The theme for the Positivity Project in Week 3 is “Be a Light.”

Changing your own mindset is great, but it is just as important to use our positivity to become a light to others.

Let me paint two different pictures for you.

“Susie” has been a Christian for almost 15 years. Throughout that time, she’s gone through many difficult circumstances: her husband’s job loss, financial struggles, loved ones passing away, and the daily trials of hard work and endless chores. While she still loves Jesus, joy has been hard to come by. She has let the difficulty of the trials and circumstances steal the peace and passion that the love of Christ has given to her. She’s not clinically depressed, but just simply walks through the motions of everyday life, seeing everything in shades of black and white. Her interactions with others are very sterile, and it’s clear that she’s lost passion in the busyness.

“Mary” has been a Christian for the same amount of time, and has also endured similar trials over the past few years. However, she dives into the Word daily, and constantly is overwhelmed by the goodness and grace given to her by salvation in Christ. By focusing her mind on the good gifts from Jesus, she sees the circumstances of her life through that lens. While still dealing with hardships and sorrow, and grieving when it’s needed, she sees grace overflowing more abundantly than the trials that this world has to offer. As a result, she is free to serve, love, and cherish. Those who are around her see the joy of Christ, and want to become more like him by the way she lives her life.

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by circumstances, isn’t it? But, how much better of a witness it is to believers and nonbelievers alike to live life in light of the joy we have been given! When you live your life in a way that shows others an unexplainable joy through Jesus despite circumstances, you glorify God.

This is why part of my Positivity Project involves being a light to others. I want to love well and care deeply, being able to pour out because of how much I’ve been given.

Here are my goals for Week 3:

  • Be observant and act on the needs and cares of others. If I see a need, and I have any ability to help in any way, I will try to do so. This could be as simple as a hug, a text of encouragement, or being willing to watch a friend’s kids for an hour or two; it definitely does not have to cost any money! Give with your time and money in accordance with your season of life, but give all that you can. This represents the picture of the great gift that you have been given.
  • Make time to talk with others and build them up. I am a very “on to the next thing” type person, and I really struggle with small talk. But yet, sometimes that’s the most loving and encouraging thing you can do to build up those who are around you. I really want to focus on intentionally investing in the people around me by talking to them in a way that is loving and caring.

I honestly think this is going to be one of the most challenging weeks for me, since I am an introvert and really struggle with “turning my scope outward.” I struggle with expressing my true feelings about things, even when I know they are positive and would bring others joy. However, I know that focusing on these things will not only help with my own positivity, but will help me to radiate that positivity and genuine joy in Christ to others around me. I’m excited about this process, and I’m looking forward to the progress that will be made!


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  1. That will definitely be a blessing not only to the people, we make ‘small talk’ with, but also to ourselves. Like you, it takes deliberation for me to call or text someone just to talk. I do that with my husband or my mom 😆 but people need me too. And I have to make myself available to be used. Great post

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    1. This is very true! Showing our care for others is an act of love, and the Lord can use it in great ways. Thank you!

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