Positivity Project: Week 4

Whew! What an unbelievably busy week I’m in the midst of right now. But you know what? I have really felt how much this project has changed me for the better because I’m going through busier days than normal.

For instance, in the past, on a crazy day I would let stress take over and find myself going from place to place, getting more dragged down by the minute. As I rushed from meeting to meeting today, I found myself praising God for the huge blessing of being in a season where I get to do so many things that I’m passionate about. Just a few months ago, I was so mentally and physically sick from the stress of my job that I literally could do nothing else; my motherhood even suffered, which was the most heartbreaking.

This is a hard season; but man, it’s a good season! I have so many opportunities to live out my calling, and they happen to be things that I love. Lord Jesus, I pray that I never take that for granted again.

Doing this project over the past three weeks has changed me, and this is only the beginning.

So, what will things look like moving forward, as I seek out permanent change to approach life with a positive mindset?

Essentially, I will be taking a few goals from each of the weeks, combining them to achieve realistic goals and make progress as I walk through life in the coming weeks and months.

Here are my goals moving forward:

  • Continue expressing gratitude to Jesus daily in morning and evening prayer for his great and merciful gifts in my life;
  • Always go above and beyond to express gratitude to others;
  • Actively change negative thoughts to positive ones, whenever I become aware of them;
  • Say positive and encouraging things to others as often as I can think of them, even if it takes a bit of effort.

I will wrap up this project this weekend with one final post about all of the ways I’ve seen my mind and heart transformed through the month of June. I hope that you will take the plunge yourself and give it a try!


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